I’m a 24 year old PADI Divemaster with a Master’s in Oceanography and a degree in Molecular Biology from University College London. After graduating I felt a compelling urge to explore other aspects of the life sciences, so I found ecology fieldwork experience to pursue my passion for diving and conservation. Through working with Operation Wallacea as a research assistant and divemaster, I found a love for the underwater world and underwater photography. I decided that working alongside scientists and communicating their work and the beauty of the environment in which we worked was where I was happiest. I’d love the images I produce to educate and inform others about fragile marine environments, as well as being appreciated as art.

I’m looking to work alongside NGOs and scientists to gain both personal experience and to show the importance of their work, especially in the times we find ourselves in. Visual storytelling can be an incredibly powerful and accessible tool for the protection of vulnerable species and habitats, especially in the hands of someone with both scientific knowledge and passion for the subject.

Please enjoy my portfolio and feel free to contact me via social media or email if you’d like to start a conversation, purchase any prints or about work/volunteering enquiries.